Pitch and putt

The "par 3" or pitch and putt course in Shibden Hall, England

Pitch and putt is an amateur sport similar to golf but where the hole length is typically less than 70 metres (80 yd).

Game play

For international competitions:

The game is played from raised artificial teeing surfaces using a tee and it has its own handicap system.[1]

Comparison with golf

  Golf Pitch and Putt
Number of holes per round 18 18
Combined length of 18 holes 6,000 to 7,500 metres (6,560 to 8,200 yd) 1,000 metres (1,090 yd) max
Maximum distance to hole (from tee) n/a 70 metres (80 yd)
Total par in a round (typical) 72 54
Type of shots Driving, pitching/chipping and putting Pitching/chipping and putting
Clubs Complete set One iron and one putter
Approximate time per course 4–5 hours 1.25–1.5 hours
Land required for developing 18-hole course 100 to 150 acres (40 to 61 ha) for championship course 12 to 15 acres (4.9 to 6.1 ha; 0.019 to 0.023 sq mi) for championship course

Apart from the above differences, rules and regulations of the games are similar.

International associations

Pitch and Putt on Bruntsfield links; UK

The game was developed mainly in Ireland since the 1940s but is today a growing sport all over the world. It is organized internationally by the European Pitch and Putt Association since 1999, by the International Pitch and Putt Federation since 2006 and by the International Pitch and Putt Associations since 2009. In all cases pitch and putt has its own handicap system and applies the rules of FIPPA/IPPA with exceptions that are specifically approved in each country.

The European Pitch and Putt Association (EPPA) was founded at a meeting in Dublin in 1999 by representatives from Ireland, Great Britain, Catalonia, France, the Netherlands and Italy.[2] Later, Norway, Switzerland, San Marino, Denmark, Andorra and Germany joined the EPPA. The European Pitch and Putt Association stages a biennial European Team Championship.

The Federation of International Pitch and Putt Associations was created in March 2006 in a meeting in Barcelona by representatives of 17 pitch and putt associations. FIPPA members are Ireland, Catalonia, Netherlands, Norway, Great Britain, Switzerland, Australia, Chile, Andorra, and the United States. Canada, China, and Germany are associated members. The Federation of International Pitch and Putt Associations stages a biennial Pitch and Putt World Cup and, since 2009, FIPPA the Pitch and putt World Strokeplay Championship.

In 2009, France, Italy, San Marino, and Denmark kear FIPPA and EPPA and founded the International Pitch and Putt Association (IPPA)[3] along with Spain and Portugal


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