Nina Jablonski

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Nina G. Jablonski
Nationality United States
Fields anthropology, palaeobiology
Institutions Pennsylvania State University
Alma mater Bryn Mawr College
Notable awards Fletcher Foundation Fellow, 2005

Nina G. Jablonski is an American anthropologist and palaeobiologist known for her research into the evolution of skin colour in humans. She is Distinguished Professor of Anthropology at Pennsylvania State University, and the author of Skin: a Natural History and Living Color: the Biological and Social History of Skin Colour.


Jablonski grew up on a farm in New York State. She states that she was inspired to study science by a documentary on the National Geographic television channel about Lewis Leakey, the palaeontologist.[1]

She studied an undergraduate degree in biology at Bryn Mawr College, before a PhD in anthropology at the University of Washington. She was awarded an honorary degree from Stellenbosch University in 2010.[2]


Jablonski researches human and primate evolution.

She is known for her research into human skin, and has written many scientific papers, magazine articles and two books on the subject. She researches the origin and evolution of the skin and skin pigmentation and the relationships between vitamin D requirements and metabolism in the context of human migration and urbanization.

Jablonski also researches primate evolution in response to environmental change, the role of displays and physical stature in the evolution of hominid bipedalism, and primates in post-miocene environments.[2]

She leads the Effects of race program in South Africa which studies the methodology of research into race and racial discrimination. She is also involved in an initiative to improve the understanding of evolution and increase the take up of STEM fields in the United States, leading the development of genetics and genealogy curricula for undergraduate students.[3]

Selected Publications

  • Jablonski, N. G. (2012) Living Color: The Biological and Social Meaning of Skin Color. Berkeley, University of California Press
  • Jablonski, N. G. (2006) Skin: a Natural History. Berkeley, University of California Press
  • TED presentation (2009) Nina Jablonski Breaks the Illusion of Skin Color


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