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Brockhaus Konversations-Lexicon, 1902

Welcome to Wikipedia Version 0.7! This test release is a general release of around 31,000 articles taken from all subject areas. Articles were selected based on a combination of importance and quality. Although the collection is not comprehensive, it does include most major topics. Articles may be found using the search engine, or by browing the indexes listed below. Much effort has been made to remove instances of vandalism, but a few minor problems may well remain. The careful checking forced us to delay the release of this collection, which mainly contains article versions from December 2008. Three indexes are given below, though only the alphabetical index is complete. Please leave your feedback here, to help us make improvements for the next release.

All articles are released under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL, For a complete list of contributors for a given article, visit and consult the history section of the article. All images are either declared to be public domain, GFDL, or Creative Commons licenses ( For information about author and copyright for a specific image, please visit or

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