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Getting started
Introduction | Glossary of Wikipedia terms

Policies and guidelines
The Five Pillars | Manual of Style

Browsing Wikipedia
Search for an article | Find articles and site functions

Communication methods
Village pump | Talk pages

Editing Wikipedia
Cheatsheet | Contributing to Wikipedia | Tutorial

The Wikipedia community
Adopt-a-User | Resolving disputes

Links and references
How to make links | External links | Citing sources

Resources and lists
List of stub types | Pages needing attention | Templates

Images and media
Uploading images | Image copyright tags | Other media

Account settings and maintenance
Change your preferences | Change your signature

Keeping track of changes
Page history | User contributions | Vandalism

Technical information
Tools | The MediaWiki software

Where to ask questions
Help Desk - for questions on how to use Wikipedia.
Reference Desk - for general knowledge questions.

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Tip of the day...

Search box bookmarklet for your browser

Bookmarklets are javascript programs that are stored as bookmarks in your browser, and which activate when you click on them. Here's one that conducts a search in Wikipedia on any text you happen to have highlighted in whichever window you are in (or if no text is highlighted, presents you with a popup search box): ~axel/bookmarklet.html. See also the Wikr bookmarklet.

Read more: Bookmarklet

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